How to Clean Wall Pads and Floor Mats

There are definitely some dos and don't when it comes to cleaning vinyl covered wall pads and floor mats. Here is how you do it.

1. Use a proven reliable cleaning product, such as Vinyl Mat Cleaner or Revitalizer (polisher), or mild, high-suds soap and water.

2. Do not use any products that contain acetone, 2-Butoxyethanol, or chlorine. These chemicals will remove applied inks, and inks used in the silk-screening processes.

3. DO NOT USE the following cleaning products, in particular: Simple Green, 409 Cleaner, Clorox Cleaner.

4. Do not use scouring cleaning tools or abrasive products that contain pumice or gritty components. These products will damage the surface.

5. Do not combine chemicals. Some chemicals do not mix well with others, and combining chemicals, even if over a period of time, could result in damage to the pads and could be toxic for the person cleaning the pads.

6. Thoroughly rinse the coated vinyl to remove any trace of cleaning material, including soap. Avoid moisture build up.

7. Never use pressure washers on coated vinyl, this can damage the surface.

8. Using unapproved cleaning methods on these products will void the product warranty. - "We've got you padded!"

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