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How to Clean Wall Pads and Floor Mats

Should you replace your wall pads or REVITALIZE Them? Let's talk about the dos and don'ts of cleaning vinyl-coated wall padding and floor mats.

About the vinyl

Sports Venue Padding selects vinyl to maximize the quality, value, and strength best suited for varying applications. For instance,18oz coated vinyl resists abrasion more than a 16oz laminate. The vinyl also contains an anti-bacterial additive that helps prevent the growth and spread of mold, mildew, and fungal bacteria. Even though we recommend the use of vinyl that has a greater resistance to abrasion, cracking, and daily wear and tear, it still benefits from being regularly wiped down and refreshed with REVITALIZER.

Cleaning materials to avoid

Wall padding has a durable vinyl cover protecting the foam material underneath. Using abrasive tools or materials can scrape and remove the coating, damaging the surface. Materials to avoid:

  • Abrasive rags or scouring sponges

  • Cleaning materials that contain pumice or gritty components.

  • High-powered pressure washers

Cleaning chemicals to avoid

When cleaning protective wall padding, the use of certain types of chemicals and cleaning products could result in further damage to the vinyl. People make the mistake of thinking they can use any household cleaning products. Not only will these chemicals remove coatings, they will also remove applied inks, thereby dissolving the printed sponsorship or advertising graphics. Using unapproved cleaning methods on these products will void the product warranty. Some of the cleaning products to avoid include:

  • Common household brands, such as Simple Green, 409 Cleaner, or Clorox Cleaners.

  • Cleaners with acetone, 2-Butoxyethanol, or chlorine bleach

Health risks

Do not combine chemicals. Some chemicals do not mix well with others, and combining chemicals, even if over a period of time, could result in damage to the pads and could be toxic for the person inhaling the solution while cleaning the pads.

Use Vinyl REVITALIZER refurbishing solution

Vinyl REVITALIZER solution is formulated specifically to make wall padding and landing mats look shiny and new. This product contains humectants and silicone that protect and replenish moisture on vinyl-covered products, especially those outdoors. About REVITALIZER:

  • Non-corrosive water emulsion product that is non-flammable and non-toxic.

  • Will not harm the vinyl or digitally printed images on vinyl; however, it is not recommended for adhesively applied decals.

  • Sold four gallons per case, or individually.

The process

  • Prior to treating, inspect the vinyl for rips and tears. It might be time to replace or recover the padding.

  • Thoroughly rinse the vinyl with clean water to remove dust and other particles.

  • Follow the instructions for mixing the REVITALIZER solution.

  • Apply REVITALIZER and agitate the surface with a non-abrasive cloth.

  • Rinse the pads with clean water.

  • Dry with a soft rag to void moisture build-up.

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Michelle Robinson is Co-Founder and Senior Vice-President of Sports Venue Padding by Artistic Coverings, a diverse manufacturer of sports protective padding and landing mats, in addition to custom padding solutions, facility signage, and early childhood learning products. With over 40+ years of engineering experience, her team installs and maintains protective padding with and without digitally printed graphics for stadiums, indoor gymnasiums and arenas, fitness facilities, and children's exercise and play centers.


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