Several options are available for the installation of your sports padding.

    Prior to our installation, our skilled team will perform a thorough field visit to identify the specific needs of your venue. For large stadiums, laser measure captures every detail of the walls or rails and converts those measurements to CAD production documents.


    We send our factory team to your facility to provide complete turnkey installation services.


    Our factory project manager travels to your facility and trains your staff to perform the installation.


    Your staff installs the padding products using factory installation instructions.


    Our project team is OSHA 10 and 30 hour compliant to ensure safety on your project.


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VINYLS – for indoor pads and mats, we typically use an 18 oz. coated vinyl. In facilities that require fire ratings to meet ASTM E84 and ASTM 2440-04 certification, we use a 16 oz. coated vinyl that exceeds current fire retardant standards. In outdoor facilities, we use a 16 oz. laminate awning fabric with exceptional UV characteristics, including a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


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Reinforced holes for lacing. Laces are an additional cost.



Insures that your post pad is secure on the post and cannot be removed without a key.



Perfect choice if it is necessary to remove your padding frequently.

SVP-Measuring Guides-ALL 8.5 x 11 (2019)

Foam Fillers: Only the highest quality fillers are components of all our products. High-density Polyurethane is used in both indoor and outdoor field wall padding and some post padding products.

1 3/8” Crosslink
Polyetheylene Foam:

Closed cell crosslink foam is known for its shock absorption resiliency and fast response. Water will not pass through this foam. a critical component of all rail padding, fence-top padding, and upright post padding. It offers extreme high impact protection to the athlete; maintains a smooth wrinkle free installation and features much greater longevity than traditional 1" polyurethane.

2” Polyurethane Foam:
The 2” mats are made with 100 ILD polyurethane foam, a lighter and softer foam which provides outstanding durability.

2” Combo Foam:
Is a combination of the two foam types.  The 1 3/8” crosslink polyethylene foam is laminated over 1/2” 100 ILD Polyurethane foam for a total foam thickness of 2“.  The soft top gives good stability while the firmer bottom provides compression.

Corner edge padding is made of 18oz coated vinyl and filled with 1 3/8” crosslink Polyethylene foam with hook fastener sewn inside.  Each edge pad comes with adhesive loop fasteners for attachment to the wall. Easy to install and remove.  Sold per square foot.


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