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As the football season approaches, this may be the perfect time to update your football stadium by installing additional wall padding protection, replacing worn padding, and ensuring your playing fields are free of recognized hazards. With a goal of reducing injuries and accidents to both fans and players, it is often necessary to closely inspect your indoor and outdoor facilities, which would include re-evaluating the travel distance between end zone lines and field walls. What can we do? We can protect pretty much anything: full stadium padding, wall and end zone padding, gate and door padding, signage padding, bike rack padding, padding tunnel entrances, light and goal post padding, fence padding, scissor lift padding, printed vinyl tarps for crowd control, graphic printing for team branding, ... and everything in-between.


Transform your stadium for the upcoming practice and competitive season with our assistance and attention to your budgetary considerations.


We specialize in integrated digital printing directly onto the surface of any color vinyl to promote team logos and sponsorship advertising. As you know, a good sponsorship partner can help you pay for your pads.


We understand that providing a safe playing environment is a top priority for football clubs and sports facilities, which is why we install and maintain padding for a vast number of universities, school districts, and municipal venues, not to mention professional NFL teams. 


What separates us from other football padding manufacturers is our ability to design to your specs, construct quality, seamless padding, and digitally print oversized graphics onto the surface of almost any color of vinyl. Our products are designed to last. | Football Field Wall Pads
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WVU Scissor Lift



Engineered Construction


PADDING for all things FOOTBALL!


Outdoor stadiums

Indoor training facilities

  • Full stadium padding

  • Wall and end zone padding

  • Padding for tunnel entrances

  • Field goal posts pads

  • Light post pads

  • Wind and privacy screen

  • Scissor lift padding (base) and rail pads (see below) 

  • Gate and door padding

  • Fence padding

  • Bike rack padding

  • Graphically printed vinyl banners & drapes

  • Rotational and signage padding

  • Padding around sheds and storage

  • A-Frames

  • Over-sized printed wall pad drapes

  • Vinyl tarps to cover seating and crowd control

  • Digitally printed sponsorship graphics


Engineered solutions on or near the field of play!


Indoor & Outdoor Field Padding & Mats | Manufacturer, Graphic Printer, Installer of Protective Padding for Sports Facilities & Fields


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