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Volleyball courts require a great deal of PROTECTIVE PADDING in and around the playing area. Athletes are taller and conditioned to play faster, stronger, and harder. The more intense they play, the harder they fly into walls, posts, and obstacles. In addition, many courts are rented out for public and special programs, increasing liability. According to the NFHS rule book, volleyball courts should have a minimum clearance of 3-feet around the perimeter of the playing court, but

10-feet is highly recommended. The closer the perimeter, the more apt you are to be in need of padding.


We understand that providing a safe playing environment is a top priority on and around your indoor or outdoor basketball courts. At Sports Venue Padding, we are very familiar with the challenges that come with providing protective padding in professional, collegiate, districts, and municipal venues. Our installations range from indoor to outdoor full-coverage padding:


  • Wall padding

  • Post | Column | I-Beam padding

  • Floor seating slipcovers

  • Padded doors and lockers

  • Rail padding

  • Stage and bleacher padding

  • Vinyl covers and bleacher enclosures


Not only do we offer protection at its best under any circumstances, we can pad any thickness of foam with almost any color of vinyl offered on the market. If you have a challenge, we will address it. We use UV protected, water and mildew resistant, guaranteed vinyl fabric that is built to last. Add to that our digital graphic printing, and you can display team mascots and championships, or sponsorship graphics, on whatever you choose to cover, including attractive banners and signage. 

Volleyball Court Wall Padding
Volleyball Court Wall Padding
Indoor gymnasium wall padding
Advertising on Seat Covers
Stage padding | Gymnasium Wall Pads
Printed Wall Padding | CSUN
Printed Wall Padding | Volleyball
Printed Wall Padding | Basketball
Indoor Wall Padding | Bleachers
Printed Wall Padding | Basketball
Slip Covers - Seating | Advertising
Volleyball Court Wall Padding
Padded Walls, I-Beams & Columns
Padded Walls, I-Beams & Columns
Volleyball Printed Wall Padding
Wall & Post Padding | Basketball
Printed Wall Padding | Basketball
Printed Wall Padding | Basketball
Indoor Wall Padding | Stairwell
Indoor Wall & Door Padding |
Slip Covers - Seating | Advertising
Indoor Wall Padding | Bleachers
Printed Wall Padding | Basketball
Wall Padding w/ Custom Cut-outs
Wall Padding w/ Custom Cut-Outs

We are competitively priced no matter the size and scope of the project, and we install and maintain collegiate and professional courts across the country. Let our design team assist you with any safety and compliance issues you need addressed in your facility.

Our pads and mats are manufactured in-house to your custom configuration using detailed measurements and photos that result in accurate CAD drawings, with complete support from our team of engineers. We always finish our indoor and outdoor padding with quality foam and wood, durable fasteners, and heavy duty stitching. Our customers choose to either install themselves or have one of our professional installers complete the job. Feel free to choose from our offerings below.

Floor Seating Slipcovers

Sponsorship advertising in seating areas surrounding the court is a unique source of revenue that requires special attention. Our popular graphically printed seat slipcovers display advertising to its best advantage in those front rows. View the photo of the Warriors arena in our photo gallery above. Our design team is available to help you select colors and vinyl, and layout approved artwork to best suit your needs and satisfy your sponsors.

What separates us from other padding manufacturers is the combination of building quality and seamless protection with the ability to print vibrant digital graphics directly onto a variety of colored of vinyl surfaces.

Sports Venue Padding - Indoor Pad - CSUN.jpg
Sports Venue Padding - Indoor -Outdoor - Banners.jpg
Sports Venue Padding - Rail Padding.jpg

Indoor & Outdoor Field Padding & Mats | Manufacturer, Graphic Printer, Installer of Protective Padding for Sports Facilities & Fields


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