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We understand that providing a safe playing environment is a top priority for indoor and outdoor soccer fields, futsal. Our installations range from full arena padding and signage projects to padded protection on rails, fences, goal posts, odd shaped walls... and everything in-between. 

What separates us from other padding manufacturers is the combination of building quality, seamless padding with the ability to integrate digital printing onto the vinyl surface.

Since player safety comes first in and around outside soccer fields or indoor soccer arenas, there is much to consider.


  • Wall pads both on and off the field, including behind benches, against enclosures, and adhered to bleachers.

  • Rail, fence , door, or gate padding

  • Pads to cover goal posts, sign posts, scoreboards, electrical poles, and even trees in near proximity.

Also consider windscreen for privacy, banners to display school pride, and A-frames on the sidelines, all of which can promote local sponsors when you order your pads and windscreen with full-color digital graphics. Select from our offerings below.


Sports Venue Padding - Indoor - Outdoor - Post Padding - Wall Padding
Sports Venue Padding - Indoor - Outdoor - Wall Padding
Sports Venue Padding - Indoor - Outdoor - Wall Padding - Soccer
Sports Venue Padding - Indoor - Outdoor - Windscreen

Indoor & Outdoor Field Padding & Mats | Manufacturer, Graphic Printer, Installer of Protective Padding for Sports Facilities & Fields


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