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Whether you are using DIGITALLY PRINTED vinyl pads and landing mats, SILK SCREENED pads and mats, or pads and mats with NO GRAPHICS, it is important to keep them clean. Frequent cleaning is required to remove dust, dirt, and perspiration, and will keep your pads looking fresh.  The regular cleaning and disinfecting of vinyl covered pads and mats, such as tumbling mats and wall padding, is a critical deterrent to the spread of skin infections. Vinyl pads and mats will provide years of service with proper care, and under normal conditions.

If you have damaged the vinyl cover, or it has suffered from normal wear and tear, an affordable option in some cases would be to recover the existing foam. Contact us directly with questions.

Revitalizeer b4-after.jpg


Product Code: 1086301

Price: $48 per gallon


REVITALIZER is formulated to make your facility look shiny and new for athletic events. This product contains humectants and silicone that protect and replenish moisture on your outdoor vinyl covered products. It is recommended that you start the process with a general cleaning prior to applying the Revitalizer polish.

  • Revitalizer is a non-corrosive water emulsion product that is non-flammable and non-toxic.

  • Pads, mats, and vinyl products should be cleaned prior to applying Revitalizer polish.

  • Will not harm digitally printed images on vinyl, however, it is not recommended for adhesively applied decals.

  • Sold 4 gallons per case, or individually.

Sports Venue Padding - Vinyl Mat Revitalizer

VINYL CLEANER            

Product Code: MATCLR

Price: $27 per gallon


A disinfectant vinyl CLEANER solution that can be used on any vinyl pad.

  • For use on graphic printed or silk-screened images.

  • Will not harm material or leave a sticky residue.

  • Sold per gallon.

  • Product is shipped as a concentrate without water to save on shipping costs. Fill the gallon with water before using.

Sports Venue Padding - Vinyl Mat Cleaner


Product Code: 1086200

Price: $65 each


An innovative solution to patch tears in your vinyl. The adhesive-backed material will match the padding that you purchased from Sports Venue Padding for a personalized tear repair kit. Tears will be patched in the same material as the padded products you ordered from us.

Sports Venue Padding - Vinyl Mat Repair Kit

How to clean wall padding and floor mats:​

There are definitely some dos and don'ts when it comes to cleaning vinyl covered wall pads and floor mats.

  1. Use a proven reliable cleaning product, such as Vinyl Mat Cleaner and Revitalizer (polisher), or mild, high-suds soap and water.

  2. Wash with a non-abrasive soft sponge or rag.

  3. Thoroughly rinse the coated vinyl to remove any trace of cleaning material, including soap. Avoid moisture build up.

  4. Do not use any products that contain acetone, 2-Butoxyethanol, or chlorine. These chemicals will remove applied inks, and inks used in the silk-screening processes.

  5. DO NOT USE the following cleaning products, in particular:  Simple Green, 409 Cleaner, Clorox Cleaner.

  6. Do not use scouring cleaning tools or abrasive products that contain pumice or gritty components. These products will damage the surface.

  7. Do not combine chemicals. Some chemicals do not mix well with others, and combining chemicals, even if over a period of time, could result in damage to the pads and could be toxic for the person cleaning the pads.

  8. Never use pressure washers on coated vinyl, this can damage the surface.

  9. Using unapproved cleaning methods on these products will void the product warranty with most manufacturers.

  • Will MATCH padding COLOR if ordered through Sports Venue Padding.

  • Vinyl is laminated to 3M adhesive backing in the vinyl color ordered from SVP.

  • Patches are air-tight and water-tight.

  • Sold per roll. (not as shown)

  • Length and size based on the type of padding ordered.



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