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At Sports Venue Padding, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing wall padding, landing mats, post padding, and any other vinyl covered protective padding for standard and difficult to cover areas of physical activity and impact both indoors and outdoors.

If the solution is not there, we'll design one because we're not just about sports. We manufacture stunt padding and soft props for the motion picture and television industries, graphically printed vinyl tarps for trucking companies, padding for machines and equipment, seat slipcovers for professional ball clubs, protection in and around MMA arenas, trampoline perimeter padding, printed window clings for commercial buildings, padding to cover ski course and skateboard obstacles, mats and pads for therapeutic purposes, soft-play products for early childhood, and much more. What can we do for you?
Every athletic sports facility has unique construction features and requires engineered solutions that go beyond providing standard-size padding. Our team is most known for its sports padding technology, custom padding solutions, affordable patented innovations, attractive presentation, and exceptional on-going maintenance.
With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we manufacture wall padding, fence padding, windscreen, vinyl banners, post pads, padding for columns and I-beams, sliding gate pads, swinging door padding, landing mats, padding for lifts, rotational sign padding, round and square rail padding, custom padded props, and pretty much anything else in any size. Beautifully display your team brand, logo, sponsors, or advertising on almost any color vinyl pad with big, bold digitally printed graphics, including over-sized.

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Indoor & Outdoor Field Padding & Mats | Manufacturer, Graphic Printer, Installer of Protective Padding for Sports Facilities & Fields


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