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"The leader in what we do, and how we do it."
With over 50 years of experience, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing protective padding for standard and difficult to cover areas of physical activity and impact - both indoors and outdoors.

We fabricate products for professional sports, athletic facilities, entertainment venues, film set designers, fitness clubs, franchises, colleges, universities, schools, YMCA’s, parks and recreation, pre-schools, museums, special events, and military installations. 

Our team is most known for its sports padding technology, custom padding solutions, affordable patented innovations, attractive presentation, and exceptional on-going maintenance.
We pad just about anything:
  • wall padding
  • fence padding
  • windscreen
  • vinyl banners
  • post pads
  • sliding gate pads
  • padding for columns and I-beams
  • swinging door padding
  • landing mats
  • padding for scissor lifts
  • rotational sign padding
  • custom padded props
...and pretty much anything else in any size

We also manufacture:

  • custom fitted windscreen

  • facility signage

  • tarps for seating sections

  • padding for machines/signs and equipment

  • seat slipcovers for ball club sponsors

  • protection in and around MMA arenas

  • trampoline perimeter padding

  • padding to cover ski course and skateboard obstacles

If you need a solution, we'll design one for you, no matter the size and scope of the project. We're not just about sports. We manufacture:
  • stunt padding
  • soft props for the motion picture and television industry
  • graphically printed vinyl tarps for trucking companies
  • mats and pads for therapeutic purposes
  • soft-play products for early childhood

Our competitive advantage lies in the ability to combine the strengths of our team to provide our clients with effective, functional and high-quality solutions. Every athletic sports facility has unique construction features and requires specific measurements and engineered solutions that go beyond providing standard-size padding. 

In addition to tailoring your pad and mat design to fit the features of your facility, we collaborate to produce client specific digital printing directly onto the surface of almost any color of vinyl on the market. Our printing equipment is eco-friendly, perfect for the users of our products, and gentle on the environment. We fully support sustainability.

Beautifully display your team brand, logo, sponsors, or advertising with big, bold digitally printed graphics, including over-sized.

For new construction or renovation projects, we have become the source for architects and contractors who are building athletic fields and venues. Our premier standards in manufacturing combined with a talented team to support the specific needs of our customers are unparalleled in the industries we serve. State of the art manufacturing and digital printing equipment ensure a committed focus on quality. 


We welcome you and appreciate your interest in our products.

If you are looking to build a new facility, replace existing sports padding, promote safe skill development, or design special padding to match your program, we welcome your call. Let's discuss how we can work closely with you to meet your goals.

What can we do for you?

As the Technical Expert to ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials), we help define what materials and foam densities best serve an athlete making contact with field padding while on the move.



Indoor & Outdoor Field Padding & Mats | Manufacturer, Graphic Printer, Installer of Protective Padding for Sports Facilities & Fields


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