We understand that providing a safe playing environment is a top priority for ball clubs and sports facilities. Catch a professional baseball game, and you will see our pads protecting the outfield walls and rails of over 70% of the MLB ballparks since 2011, including the LA Dodgers, WA Nationals, and NY Mets, to name a few, not to mention the vast number of school districts, collegiate, municipal, and minor league teams.


There is a reason why teams keep coming back. They trust us to meet and exceed their expectations. It has everything to do with the quality of our manufacturing, installation, and superior reputation for ongoing maintenance

No project is too big or too small.Our installations range from...

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Wherever you imagine you need padded protection, we can provide it. We install netting to catch foul balls, pad backstops to reduce bounce-back, and everything in-between. Our pads can be designed to mount using backer-board on a variety of surfaces or hang from chain link fences using grommets.


Protective padding can greatly increase the safety and comfort of the game. We specialize in manufacturing padding to your custom configuration using detailed measurements and photos that result in accurate CAD drawings, with complete support from our team of in-house engineers. We recommend UV, water, and mildew resistant vinyl that is built to last, and we always finish our indoor and outdoor padding with quality foam and wood, durable fasteners, and heavy duty stitching. Our customers can choose to install themselves or have one of our professional installers complete the job.

What separates us from other manufacturers is the combination of quality constructed seamless field padding and the ability to integrate digital printing onto a wide selection of colored vinyl, as well as, windscreen. Select from one of our many baseball and softball field offerings below.

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Field Padding Protection | Washington Nationals

March 02, 2017

There is no better way to display our protective wall, baseline, bullpen, and dugout rail padding at Ballpark of the Palm Beaches than with a Norris homer!

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