• Folding Backstop Padding

  • Wood-backed Backstop Padding


On and around backstops, you're usually dealing with cut-outs, angles, fencing, RAILS, and GATES. We provide multiple secure surface attachment systems to fit any design with a tight, smooth, and seamless presentation. From Little League fields to professional ballparks, whatever the scale of your project, our expert staff will help assist you with planning and specification for your padding system.

  • Built to accommodate and fit over exposed areas and oddly shaped objects.

  • UV protected heavy weight vinyl available with 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Ease of recovering.

  • Digital printing of logos, sponsorship advertisements, or user messages is available.

  • Available in 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” thickness to support the amount of protection required based on field design.

  • Foam filler densities specifically designed to ensure correct deceleration upon impact based on projected speed prior to impact.

  • Environmentally conscious materials


  • Several mounting options: chain-link fence, concrete, wood, or masonry.

  • Sewn backstop padding filled with 2" polyurethane.

  • Made with a 2" flap with grommets evenly spaced on all 4 sides for ease of install (cable ties are not included).

  • Folds for off-season storage.


  • Durable backer-board designed for long-term use and durability under all weather conditions.

  • Several mounting options: masonry, concrete, wood backstop, or chain-link


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