We offer maximum impact protection for outdoor fields with special cut-outs, angles, rails and gates. With multiple secure surface attachment systems, our pads are installed with a tight, smooth, and seamless presentation. Choose either our classic circular system or our sleek square design.  

  • Built to accommodate and fit over exposed areas and oddly shaped objects.

  • Durable backer board designed for long-term use and durability under all weather conditions.

  • UV protected heavy weight vinyl available with 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Ease of recovering.

  • Digital printing of logos, sponsorship advertisements, or user messages is available for maximum television exposure.

  • Available in 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” thickness to support the amount of protection required based on field design.

  • Foam filler densities specifically designed to ensure correct deceleration upon impact based on projected speed prior to impact.

  • Environmentally conscious materials



Baselines vary in height with odd angles, drainage, and typically have objects along the way such as storage, netting, and unusual cuts that require specialized padding to cover.  Our padding is built to accommodate and fit over all exposed problematic areas for maximum protection. “One Piece Construction,” wherever possible, promotes a seamless appearance, greater “Live Area for Digital Printing” and to allow for ease of recovering.



When it comes to bullpens, they are all different and require special sizes and shapes of padding to provide the right protection without affecting a view of the field. We commonly see padded areas that have two or three pads when one will do nicely. Plywood-backed bullpen padding allows for a clean appearance and ease of recovering when it's time to change sponsorship ads, while providing equivalent protection for the players.


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