Vinyl Tarps or Windscreen is commonly mounted on fences and is used to promote products or sponsorship. We provide solid or graphically printed tarps to enclose the back side of bleachers and other exposed areas, allow privacy around practice fields, hide equipment or storage areas, cover exposed and unused seating areas, drape over football field walls, and even advertise on trucks or EZ-up covers.


It is a great way to close off a field or work area from prying eyes and to separate fields or courts from commercial or residential areas. In addition, it helps provide security, eliminate distractions, and blocks unsightly views.

Easily add a team name, field name, or corporate brand printed graphics that will generate revenue from sponsorship advertising.



  • Encloses practice fields and tennis courts ensure privacy.

  • Easily attaches to sports fencing with zip-ties and/or hog rings.

  • Solid vinyl comes in assorted colors and completely blocks view  -  windscreen provides 80% or 90% shading. 80% windscreen is digitally printable and come in assorted colors.

  • UV resistant to block sun damage.

  • Optional digital graphics to promote team logos, facility branding, sponsorship advertising, or any message/timeline.

  • Heavy webbing with reinforced triple stitched hems and grommets.

  • Non-absorbent to protect against water damage.

  • High-tensile strength adds to product durability.


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