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"Quality is not an ACT. It is a HABIT."
                                           - Aristotle
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Little Rock Trojans Field Renovation 2023

Hear from Coach Curry as he talks about recent renovations and upgrades to Gary Hogan Field, as well as, plans for the future! Includes a personal thank you to Ethan Zeidler and the Sports Venue Padding Team.

Sports padding | graphics | mats - Outdoor Padding
Understanding Why Sponsorship Continues to Grow
Sports Business - Published 2011


"...PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) hospitality and leisure sector report for 2010-13 suggested that sponsorship would remain the fastest-growing global sports sector,..."

Sports padding | graphics | mats - Outfield Padding
Sports Venue Padding - Serious About Player Safety
Released 2012


"Sports Venue Padding's CEO Troy Robinson has been selected as the committee technical expert for the setting of standard specifications for Outdoor Wall Padding needed for qualifications of construction designs for the American Society of Testing Materials."

Sports padding | graphics | mats - Outfield Padding - Windscreen
Tennis - Safety Measures
Tennis Industry Magazine
Published 2011


"To rephrase what your mother told you, it’s all fun and games until someone runs into a support column. The indoor tennis facility can offer a lot of advantages."

Sports padding | graphics | mats - Outfield Padding - Soccer
Protective Padding of Soccer Goalposts: Reduces Injury Number And Severity - Published 2015


"After testing padded goal posts in both the laboratory and the field, the Consumer Product Safety Commission concluded that padded posts do indeed reduce significantly the number and severity of injuries, and are especially effective in reducing injuries to the head."

Washington Nationals | Houston Astros Field Padding Protection
Spring Training Camp 2017

There is no better way to display Sports Venue Padding's wall, baseline, bullpen, and dugout rail padding than at the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches fields with a Norris homer!

Sports padding | graphics | mats - Outdoor Padding
Mets Citi Field Dramatically Shrinks on Demand
Published  2011


"With an overly larger home field, the New York Mets players were having some trouble hitting home runs at their own field, where they should be at an advantage..."

SportsVenuePadding.com_Wall Padding_Ankiel.jpg
Cards Wait on DL Call for Ankiel
ESPN - Published  2009


"Just before Rick Ankiel barreled headfirst into the wall, the thought flashed through his mind: My career is finished."

Sports padding | graphics | mats - Outfield Padding
Simple Upgrades Can Help Outdated Facilities Stay In the Game
Athletic Business - Published  2009


"Products designed to enhance the appearance of ballparks and stadiums at all levels of competition are in no short supply, providing facility owners and operators with a veritable à la carte menu of upgrade options, without breaking their budgets."

Sports padding | graphics | mats - Outdoor Padding
The Outfield Isn't Out-of-bounds for Injuries
Daily News - Published  2014


"We talked about how so many major league baseball parks don't have sufficient padding on their outfield walls."

Sports padding | graphics | mats - Outfield Padding
Baseball - The Warning Track is Useless
ESPN - Published  2012


"We want to believe the warning track is this awesome alarm system that tells a speeding outfielder that the wall is coming up soon. But..."

Minnesota Twins.jpg
Twins Exploring Adding Softer, Thicker Pad to Target Field Outfield Wall
Pioneer Press - Published  2014


"After Twins center fielders Aaron Hicks and Sam Fuld were concussed after crashes into the Target Field wall, owner Jim Pohlad called assistant general manager Rob Antony asking if the injuries were a result of the wall’s hardness."


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