Indoor padding protection doesn't just reduce the impact of a collision and prevent serious injury to players, it also protects the walls and floors from collisions that cause scuffs, cracks, and other damage. Not to mention the absorption of noises and loud voices that echo off the walls.

  • Indoor wall padding is available up to 8 ft. high and is produced in 2 ft. wide panels.

  • Landing mats come in different thicknesses depending upon the force of impact.

  • Available in 1 3/8”, 2”, 2 3/8” thickness to support the amount of protection required.

  • Foam filler densities specifically designed to ensure correct deceleration upon impact based on projected speed prior to impact.

  • Covers are made with 16-18 oz. coated vinyl in a variety of colors and finishes.

  • Vinyl is optimized for state of the art digital printing of logos and sponsorship advertising directly onto the vinyl. Panel-to-panel graphic printing has a seamless appearance.

  • Durable OSB or plywood backer-board designed for indoor use and long-term durability, as requested.

  • One-piece construction wherever possible to promote a seamless appearance and provide greater “live area for digital printing."

  • Multiple secure surface attachment systems to fit any wall or surface.

  • Constructed for ease of recovering.

  • Environmentally conscious materials.

  • Wall padding options include meeting E84-NFP 101/255 fire-lifestyle safety regulations.

  • Complimentary design layouts let you choose the look you want.


Indoor padded protection includes:

...and more.


We also offer table covers. If you can think it, we can put vinyl or foam on it. Visit our custom solutions page for other indoor challenges.




If your gymnasium or basketball court shares the room with your stage, consider what would result from an impact to the stage wall. Our padding folds over the stage, along its beveled edge, and drops down to the floor. The padding is held in place using secure Velcro strips. Vertical pads lift up at the bevel and drop back down in sections for easy access to under-stage storage, power outlets, or panels.


Proper measurements ensure that we identify and meet your specific needs prior to installation.

Stage padding mounted without hinge



If you are in need of indoor wall padding, most likely, you have doors, panels, electrical outlets, fire extinguishers, thermostats, columns or I-Beams, posts, lockers, drinking fountains, stages, bleachers, and other oddly shaped features in your facility that will require special cut-outs.


It's not a problem. Proper measures insure that we identify and meet your specific indoor padding needs to ensure a smooth, worry-free installation.


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