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Protect students, patients, or loved ones from accidental injury during physical therapy, or occupational therapy, and rehabilitation with protective landing mats, wall padding, corner & column padding, post pads, rail pads, and activity mats. We can completely line a room from floor to ceiling and cover pretty much anything. Use our wall pads, floor mats, and landing mats for rehabilitation, exercise, physical and emotional therapy, yoga, gymnastics, bedside safety, and playtime.


Therapy pads and mats provide a cushioned surface designed to absorb the force of a landing when people are mobile. They are ideal for gross motor activities at home, in clinical facilities, classrooms, rehabilitation centers, care facilities, and outpatient physical or occupational therapy areas. Our design engineers can assist you with selecting the proper depths and sizes for our adaptive equipment.


Mobility equipment is used in cases where a disease or accident leaves an individual's motor functions hindered or unusable. If an individual suffers from restricted motor functions, there is equipment and technology that can assist in regaining some or all mobility.


  • Flame resistant and fire retardant vinyl selections.

  • Clean pads & mats with mild soap and water or our specially formulated mat cleaner.

  • Breather mesh is added to some styles for air dispersion and foam recovery.

  • Integrated digital printing and design available on all mats for logos, brands, exercise programs, or images of your choice.

  • A variety of wall attachment systems and straps are available based on the design of your wall.

  • Made in America. Not an imported product.

  • Ships motor freight


Pads and mats come in standard sizes and thicknesses that depend upon how the mat will be used, or are custom made to meet your specific needs for impact protection.


  • Density and thickness of interior foam range from 2.5” to 48” thick, depending on how pads & mats will be used, and level of impact.

  • 18 oz. heavy weight coated vinyl, filled with high-density polyurethane foam.

  • Bi-fold, tri-fold, and non-folding styles.

  • All deep landing mats come with handles for ease of transport.

  • Vinyl treated with antibacterial and anti-fungal agent.

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