Most stunt foam pits, landing pit mats, crash pads, wall padding, and custom set designs for productions require low-profile, specially designed, one-of-a-kind, custom printed, shock absorbing protection for both humans and animals. We are the specialists in the industry.

We've designed stunt crash pads, custom printed landing mats, wall padding, and custom vinyl and foam padded fabricated props for:

  • Theme park attractions

  • Movie and television productions

  • Game show props and enclosures

  • Athletic competitions

  • Theater productions

  • Parade floats

  • Trampoline padding

  • Major sporting events & activities

  • X-Games 

  • Special activities of a physical nature

  • Seasonal events and promotions

  • Fan participation and competitions


We manufacture custom digitally printed graphic padding solutions. Come to us when it's time to design and construct your set, whether you want the graphics to blend in with the background or stand out with a POP! Our in-house team of engineers will assist you with the composition of your set padding or prop whether it is for theater, television, film, or anything else.

This includes custom vinyl and foam prop needs for performances, trade shows, promotions, marketing and advertising, and special events.


Construction of padded spinning chair design

for the Ellen Show: "Dizzy Dash" 

Graphically printed oversized

city scape


Custom Printed Stunt Pads & Mats
Custom Printed Stunt Pads & Mats
Custom Printed Stunt Pads & Mats

If you want your stunt men to fall into protective padding that blends into a concrete, brick, wood-paneled, or decorative backdrop? No problem! Need landing mats to blend in with a forest, cityscape, or outer space? Give us a call.


  • Protective padding seamlessly merges into your film or television set with digitally integrated printing on vinyl pads and mats or mesh windscreen.

  • High impact landing mats, post pads, and wall pads are our specialty.

  • Padding is easily mounted with a variety of attachments.

  • Manufactured to precise dimensions for custom fit and coordination with your dressing and scenic design.

  • Custom graphically printed vinyl covers for crash mats, wall padding, landing mats, and specialty props.

  • Quality construction that is built to last.


Graphically printed oversized

prop: foam-filled hammer



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