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*** Photo displays multiple pads/panels ***


Backstop Wall Padding: Sewn backstop padding is filled with 2" polyurethane. Measure for how many pads/panels are required. For example, a 12' wide wall with 6' high pads/panels will require (4) 3' x 6' panels or  (3) 4' x 6' panels. A 15" wide wall will require (3) 4' wide panels and (1) 3' wide panels. 


Individual panels/pads are sewn together to make one long pad. Pads are made with 2" flaps along outer edges. Grommets on flaps are evenly spaced around all 4 sides for ease of install (cable ties / zip ties for installation are NOT included).


Oversized printed graphics are available on one or more pads/panels for an additional fee.


Height: 6 Feet (remains constant)

Width: Select from the options 2'  or  3'  or  4' (price will vary based on width)

Color: Green (additional colors are available for custom orders)

2x6 Backstop Padding Part

SKU: 1050206
  • Backstop Padding:

     Height: 6-foot

    - Width of panels:  select in your purchase options

    - Color: green

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