Every facility has areas that require special attention, especially when they are in or around the field of play, or in an area that experiences heavy traffic and activity. We usually receive requests from our customers to pad unique, and difficult to cover areas. Our in-house design team will design and manufacture foam and vinyl padding to cover just about anything:

  • electrical boxes

  • camera wells

  • concrete curbs & posts

  • stages

  • stanchions

  • golf ball dispensers

  • scissor lift padding (bases)

  • basketball stanchions

  • metal stands or poles

  • gates & doors

  • rails and fencing

  • corners and odd angles

  • vertical posts and bases

  • scoreboards

  • time clocks

  • seats (with or without advertising)

  • seating sections

  • window sills, bases, or protrusions

  • truck tarps

  • E-Z Up and pop-up canopy covers

  • extreme sport's environs

  • skate park walls and posts

  • trampoline perimeters

  • ski course trees & obstacles

  • golf ball, tennis ball, and baseball ball dispensers

  • motocross track banners & padding

  • rodeo gate padding

   ...and MORE!


As one of the leading innovators in the industry, our engineers also design stunt padding, crash mats, and impact pits for the motion picture and television industries.

Seat Covers on the

Bulls Basketball Court

"If the solution is not there,
                we will design one."
      - Troy Robinson, Sports Venue Padding

Solutions on the field

                 SCISSOR LIFT PADS

Any structure or equipment in or around the field of play will require protective padding, and provided with the proper specs, our engineers design a padding solution for you.

Solutions in the seating areas

            SEAT COVERS & TARPS

Custom vinyl seat covers allow you to easily structure your seating capacity to match each event. We can digitally print graphics to cover folding chairs and display team logos or generate revenue from sponsorship advertising.

Benefits of using seat covers or attractive graphically printed tarps:

-  Prevent damage and exposure to the elements

-  Generate sponsorship revenue

-  Cover seating sections that are empty or under maintenance

-  Ensure areas remain clean of debris

-  Maintain crowd control

-  Restrict access to areas for increased security

Seat covers and tarps are available in a wide range of colors and vinyl to best suit your needs. Weather protected section covers are also available in both mesh and vinyl.


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