Field padding provides maximum impact protection for outdoor walls, fencing, fence tops, end zones, sidelines, GATES & DOORSRAILS, POSTS, and also includes BASELINE and BULLPEN padding. We offer multiple secure surface attachment systems to fit any design with a tight, smooth, and seamless presentation.


  • Padding built to accommodate and fit over exposed areas and oddly shaped objects.

  • Durable plywood backer designed for long-term use under all weather conditions.

  • UV protected heavy weight vinyl over designed to provide protection from fading and early wear

  • Available with 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • A variety of colors options and finishes.

  • Long-term use, waterproof, and durable vinyl for all weather conditions.

  • Ease of recovering



  • Available in 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” thickness to support the amount of protection required based on field design.

  • Foam filler densities specifically designed to ensure correct deceleration upon impact based on projected speed prior to impact.

  • Vinyl is optimized for state of the art digital printing of logos and sponsorship advertising directly onto the surface.

  • Multiple secure surface attachment systems to fit any wall or fence design.

  • Baseline padding is designed to incorporate “One Piece Construction” wherever possible to promote a seamless appearance, greater “Live Area for Digital Printing."

  • Environmentally conscious materials.




  • Wall padding and landing mats for baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, football fields, and ALL SPORTS.

  • Padding for gymnastic skills, including tumbling mats, skill development tools, landing mats of all sizes and depths, and wall padding. 

  • Padded early childhood play areas, play zones, and tumbling centers to help develop motor skills, coordination, balance and strength.Includes foam inclines, foam steps, foam tunnels, foam cars, foam balance beam

  • Landing mats for recreational or competitive cheer.

  • Vinyl covered protective foam padding for ski slopes and ski obstacles, such as trees, barriers, bike racks, and ski lift posts.

  • Protect students, patients, or loved ones from accidental injury during physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation

  • Wall padding, landing mats, foam pits, fabricated foam props, and crash pads for stunt work, theme parks, movie and television productions, theater productions, major sporting events, X-Games, dunking competitions, fan participation activities, physically active promotions, and special events.



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