Windscreen is a top priority for tennis courts, but also consider it for banners, and protective padding on walls, nearby storage units, and post. We've installed in public school courts, university recreation centers, and municipal venues. Our windscreen and padding installations range from the smallest to the largest venues - from screening full courts to a few select fences, as well as, printed graphics and banners for signage projects. Ask us about our printed windscreen with team branding and attractive graphics, or add sponsorship advertising so the installation will practically pay for itself.


There are several things that separate us from other padding manufacturers. We make a durable, quality product that is built to last. We also integrate digital printing onto the screen or vinyl surface, that is again, made to last. Installation is easy, whether we do it or you choose to.

Without windscreen, it is much more difficult for tennis players to accurately track a moving ball. The landscape outside of the court can be very distracting. Dark green or black windscreen provides the best contrast to the optic yellow tennis ball.

Contrary to popular belief, windscreen provides minimal wind blockage, but it does provide a barrier of privacy to block the view of a court from roads, adjacent property, unsightly areas, and curious looky-loos.

Sports Venue Padding recommends that windscreen should be installed with strategically placed hemmed vents placed approximately every 10 feet to allow for airflow and reduce wind damage. Our windscreen always features heavy webbing with reinforced triple stitched hems and grommets for durability. Feel free to explore additional offerings below.


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