Whether you want team branding, logos, trademarks, or sponsorship advertising on your padding, our digital printing process is different from anything you have seen or experienced. With attractive graphics, wall padding can serve as much more than a protective barrier between players and injury. Graphic artwork becomes a focal point that showcases your facility and can provide a revenue stream that offsets the cost of the printed pads or mats. 

We print on vinyl for sporting events:


  • Distance markers

  • Foul pole lines

  • Sponsorship advertising

  • Brand recognition

  • Game presentation

  • Vinyl tarps and wall pad drapes

  • Section and seat slipcovers

  • School names and mascots

And, we print for custom needs:

  • Signage

  • Exhibit displays

  • Decorative vinyl or mesh backdrops

  • Set & stage scenery & designs

  • Vinyl and foam props

  • Window clings

  • Early childhood themed soft play


After we assist you in selecting a durable, weatherproof vinyl fabric, our large format full-color digital printing applies special UV inks, strongly adhering your artwork directly onto almost any color vinyl surface. We even print on white! Our process gives you brilliant images that don’t peel or tear like you might have experienced with decals, and our vinyl comes with a 5-year guarantee.


Our talented in-house design team stands ready to receive your graphic files or assist in the design process. All design and digital printing are done in-house on our premises. As sponsors change, most of your existing pads and mats can be easily re-wrapped as needed, with no outsourcing.


Sports Padding | Mats | Graphics
Sports Padding | Mats | Graphics
Sports Padding | Mats | Graphics
Sports Padding | Mats | Graphics
Sports Padding | Mats | Graphics
Sports Padding | Mats | Graphics
Sports Padding | Mats | Graphics
Sports Padding | Mats | Graphics
Sports Padding | Mats | Graphics



Format: All digital files must be in PC Format.

We prefer image files saved as vector files, such as:

File Type: Hi-resolution (300 dpi) PRINT READY in ACTUAL SIZE or vector image in...


*  .EPS (Adobe Photoshop)
*  .AI   (Adobe Illustrator)
*  .CDR   (Corel)

*  .TIF
*  .PDF

You may need to supply unique fonts with your image file. And if unable to do so, please convert all fonts to "outline" or "curves."


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Sports Padding | Mats | Graphics

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